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Laryna and the felted Fairies


One of the reasons I enjoy photography is, it gives me many opportunities to meet interesting and talented people such as artists and craftsmen (and women) and to photograph them in their environment. In August 2010 while doing photos in Milport on the island of Cumbrae at the Sail and Oar Festival, I first met Laryna , a creative textile artist who has been working with natural fibres for many years. She is passionate about needle felting and makes beautiful colourful small creatures such as fairies. She uses sheep’s wool and silk. She sells her creations through the internet on the Craft Scotland  website. She is also running needle felt/wet felt workshops in Galgael, a charity based in Ibrox, Glasgow and in the Albany Center in the woodland area of Glasgow.

Laryna likes creating objects such as scarfs, berets, hats, leaves, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, but also magic creatures such as dwarfs, mermaids, fairies. Living on the outskirt of Glasgow since 2007 she finds inspiration in the beautiful Scottish countryside.

We first decided this summer to do photographs in a natural environment that would suit her craft nicely. This autumn in her house/studio where she  runs felt workshops for adult and children and teaches meditation.

Laryna writes a blog where she displays most of her creations and uses a Facebook page.


Laryna and a fairy

DCART-Laryna-Fairies-4 DCART-Laryna-Fairies-10DCART-Laryna-Fairies-7



I love portrait photography in colour but even more in black and white

Regi Claire, poet, portrait, color

Regi Claire, poet, portrait, color

I like portrait photography, whether it is colour or monochrome. In fact all the photographs I do now are in colour but I like to turn some of them into black and white to get the feeling I had when using Kodak Tri-X or Ilford Delta 400. But do meet this I never shoot JPEG but RAW (or NEF as my camera is a Nikon). Then the rest happens in my digital darkroom, my Macbook pro and Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop sometimes.

I started photography in the darkroom, in 1976 and I have used a darkroom until 15 years ago. Then like a lot of photographers I started using a digital camera. No more anxiety wondering if there is something on the film, but until I got my Nikon D700 I felt somewhat unsatisfied. I have never been somebody considering the job was done when I was going back home after a shooting session, but for colour photography as I was only using Colour slide film it was the case, so you really had to get it right.

I really enjoyed spending hours in the dark (less putting my fingers in chemicals and having stains and holes on my shirt !). I learned a lot through the books of Ansel Adams (the Camera, the Negative, The Print ), but also going to exhibitions in Paris in la Maison Européenne de la Photographie.

Digital was not easy, cameras were far from perfect. I found it more difficult to achieve sharpness, avoid noise, and get a good colour balance every time but it came. But I missed the sensual aspect of traditional Black and White photography, especially for portrait. Just felt like I had to learn the technical sides of photography again ! But I did, and soon I’ll propose Black and White prints on sale.

Maggi McGlynn, bard and poet in Callander poetry week-end 2012

Maggi McGlynn, bard and poet in Callander poetry week-end 2012

Sally Evans, poet and bookseller, Black and white

Sally Evans, poet, bookseller, publisher and blogger, Black and white, portrait

Justine taking photographs. Black and white, portrait

Justine taking photographs. Black and white, portrait

Laryna, Black and white portrait

Laryna E Wuperman, Artist, Black and white, portrait